The development of a drug or a diagnostic tool is a complex process involving several phases and stakeholders. Before being marketed, the drugs and diagnostic tools must be approved, and beforehand considered safe and effective. The SHERBIO consortium offers a set of expertise covering all the phases of drug development described below.

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Discovery & Innovation

This phase focuses on the identification and validation of new therapeutic targets, as well as the discovery of new molecules with therapeutic or diagnostic potential. These molecules of interest are subsequently modified to improve their pharmacological properties. It is also at this stage that the development of new technologies for research and diagnosis takes place.
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Preclinical studies are all the ones conducted prior to the first administration in humans. The data obtained (pharmacokinetics and toxicology) allow, among other things, to assess the rate of diffusion, the distribution in the various organs and the rate of elimination, as well as the side effects of the treatment. These critical data predict safe doses that will be administered to patients in early clinical trials.
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Clinical trials are studies on human subjects to determine the safety and efficacy of treatment. This step also focuses on optimizing the mode of administration and the dose. Depending on the different phases of the clinical trial, the treatment is administered to either volunteers or sick patients. The size of the study group also varies according to the trial phase.
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The optimization of the production process is undoubtedly a major element in the development of a drug. This phase is usually carried out in parallel with the preclinical studies in order to prepare the first clinical trials. The manufacturing processes of the active ingredients and their formulation must meet very high quality standards in terms of purity and reproducibility.
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Marketing & Optimization

Once approved, new therapeutic or diagnostic agents are available to the public and follow-up on their use is made to ensure their safety and effectiveness on the general population. Also, various computer tools have been developed to optimize a wide range of health care.