Omnimed is a Quebec-based family owned business, established for more than 30 years, that pursues its dream of improving health care through the development of applications that foster collaboration, information sharing, and efficient work processes.

Our company has successfully developed, deployed and supported an electronic medical records platform (EMR) that is constantly evolving and uses cutting-edge technologies. We distinguish ourselves by an innovative technology based on the concept of shared information, by our diligent customer service and by the strength of our partnership. Our EMR is the only one that can bring together all of Quebec’s health professionals.

Omnimed in statistics

  • 38 employees, including 19 in software development and 10 dedicated to customer services
  • 410 institutions all across the province
  • + than 4500 caregivers, including general practitioners, pharmacists, specialists, and other healthcare workers.
  • 10 000 medications added every day
  • 60 000 patients seen every day
  • 100 000 electronic results received every day
  • 5.2 million patient records

Omnimed and health research

Over the past few years, we saw the relevance of getting involved in medical research by allowing stakeholders to benefit from our EMR platform’s flexibility to facilitate data collection and to reach all of our users in order to ensure that knowledge is brought back to the medical community.

Our goals are to allow:

  • collaboration between projects to improve the reach and the outcome;
  • effective management of research data (data collection, hosting, consent management);
  • creation of educative campaigns, monitoring, and screening tools/advisors, and to offer advanced training to the medical community based on research outcome.

Development Phase


Contact: Martin Pellerin
Phone: +1 819 679-8287

Web site:

160, Rue Pope
Cookshire-Eaton, Québec
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