Founded in 2011, the Image Analysis and Visualization Platform has had the opportunity to participate in an impressive array of projects to help CRCHUS and other researchers make the most of their data.

The analysis of volumes in three (or more) dimensions that come from different modalities such as MRI, PET and CT scanner is one of the platform’s specialties. Over the years we have developed expertise in basics such as automatic segmentation, denoising, or quantitative analysis, as well as for more advanced operations such as multi-modal analyzes using recalibration, or the processing and quantification of diffusion MRI.

Far from focusing solely on volumes, we regularly work on two-dimensional images or videos. More often than not, we are solving problems of segmentation and counting of cells or other objects, but we have also created solutions for blood vessel segmentation or the calculation of velocities and trajectories of moving objects in videos.

We have also developed several varied projects that have no direct link with image analysis such as administration of neuropsychological online tests or interaction in real time of a robot connected to an MRI. 

We also offer access to two viewing softwares: MI-Viewer and MI-Brain.

You can see an example of the functionality of these tools in this video.


Development Phase


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