Reacts is a rich, integrated, collaborative platform that enables secure communication and interaction amongst health care professionals and their patients.

The modern era of communications technology, applications and devices brings new capabilities, but there remain several challenges to effective collaboration, and new problems have since emerged. Means of communication are fragmented, costly, and often do not meet security requirements, thus impairing efficient service delivery within organizations and networks, hampering collaboration amongst healthcare professionals (HCP’s).

With increasing financial and organizational pressures on the healthcare system, organizations strive for simple, secure, integrated collaboration solutions that can help them attain their objectives. The Reacts platform offers a rich, integrated, collaborative ecosystem that enables unified communications and interactions amongst HCP’s while also providing innovative tools for remote supervision and training, thus delivering real value to all stakeholders, including the patient. Reacts allows HCP’s to remotely interact in a dynamic, engaging and user-friendly way that helps improve access to care, decreases costs, and improves efficiency and satisfaction among both patients and HCP’s. It has been designed to meet the highest security and performance standards of the medical industry. Reacts provides a rich virtual experience that we call “hyperpresence”.

In brief, Reacts allows users to:

  • Share instant messages, files and documents easily and securely.
  • Communicate face-to-face using high quality secured video calls, either peer-to-peer or between multiple remote sites (up to 6 sites).
  • Connect and stream multiple video feeds simultaneously, using any medical device that has a video output.
  • Provide training, supervision and virtual guidance with advanced and innovative support tools (e.g. augmented reality, virtual 3D objects, and real-time image overlay).
  • And much more…

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